So, now what? Today's must read...

Even now, one week on, I can hardly believe what has come to pass. This would appear a melodramatic mindset, but really, can you? President-elect Trump. 

Next to my laptop is the latest issue of TIME, hands down the best magazine, on or offline, for global current affairs. And that’s why the latest issue is an absolute must read. David Von Drehle’s fantastic overview of this slow motion descent into the abyss is so brilliantly constructed you are left with the feeling Trump has carefully and craftily put one over on all of us. This is a global worry on multiple fronts.

I have stared at the cover because it’s been reminding me of something I couldn’t quite put my finger on - then it hit me: when I was a kid it was the latest thing to have your picture on a dummy magazine cover, or maybe a t-shirt. By today’s standards this would be a rudimentary souvenir, I know, but this week’s TIME cover looks just like this - as if the Donald paid for to be printed in some fit of vanity. It makes no common sense as a cold piece of reality.

Not being American, but having a fairly healthy and long-standing interest in the land’s culture and politics, I am transfixed by the whole train wreck nature of the campaign. But then again, it’s been pointed out that faced with passing an actual train wreck people will rubber neck in fascination just because it’s there, because they probably won’t see another and are curious. Same goes for this election and subsequent apocalyptic result.

Along his obnoxious way to the White House he has upset everybody you could think of, be that an institution or a minority group, nothing and nobody seemed to be left un-Trumped, almost as if he was working through a petty hit list. Was this luck - or is he just way more in tune with modern times - is he seriously the only guy to have the pulse of the free world? Maybe. Shocking as this seems.

My only suggestion is to find a table, climb under it… and hope those codes Donald can now access aren’t activated by mistake one night when he’s got the hump after his latest twitter spat…