Cool stuff : The Jaws Log...

I'm a movie bore. I like that my Bluray collection is stacked neatly and I've watched the 'making of' docs on disk 2 far more than the movie in itself. But more importantly, it is being a movie fan that led to me becoming a photographer.

Composition, direction, editing styles, presentation standards, etc., they are all sources of huge inspiration for me, plus they are elements which make up a typical working day.

I also embrace the fact they remind me of being a kid. It's a conduit to a happy, imaginative time - the rabbit hole back to the good ole days.

Apart from Star Wars, the film that made the biggest impression on me as a child of the 1970's, was Jaws. Without seeing these 120 minute chunks of imagination when I was an impressionable little lad, I have no idea what I'd be doing now.

So my latest 'cool stuff' suggestion is The Jaws Log, a riveting chronicle of the film which basically invented the summer blockbuster phenomenon. Written by the movie's co-writer, Carl Gottlieb, it's not only a fascinating look at this particular movie (and it's quite a tale, trust me), but also a wonderful insight into how a story travels from novel to screen.  A truly enlightening read. 

And if you're of an enquiring mind, check out Jamie Benning's brilliant Filmumentaries collection, including Jaws - yet more 'cool stuff'.