Bespoke production...

Photography is a traditional media. While smartphones, tablets and the web have jointly widened the appeal of photography, nothing beats the feel and quality of the printed page. Books endure - they are produced with longevity in mind.

To compliment the key shots in your wedding set, we’re proud to offer the very latest spec in book production. These are one-off products, created to order, to the highest standards. Truly bespoke.

Beautifully presented, they will tell the story of an amazing day in a graphic, yet simple way. No screens, no internet, just optimum quality you can feel and enjoy for years to come.


Benefitting from the feel and presentation of the heavyweight 300 gsm fine art paper, these stunning books revolve around an A3 page and are nearly 900mm wide when fully opened. Fully immersive in their appeal, the hand-stitched binding and attention to detail provides a lavish photographic conclusion to any shoot.

When combined with the choice of three paper finishes (uncoated, silk and gloss), and the option to go to an incredible 140 pages, these fine art products are superior in the sphere of bespoke publishing.

The A3 book comes with an optional, stunning hardwood presentation case, available in light or dark finish,  with clasp and felt lining to protect and enhance the timeless feel of the book.


Once your photography is ready, we can move right into producing a draft layout. Initially this is a design-led approach, including images which work well together to create the story. We totally appreciate in some cases you’ll want to add, remove and/or amend some of the content. But this initial draft is a starting point to get the ball rolling.

The layouts are prepared page by page in Adobe Photoshop. They are completely free from any templates or design restrictions which inhibit many wedding industry products. There is also no limit to the number of photographs to a page.


Once the draft has been completed, a PDF file is sent for initial perusal and comment. As much or as little desired collaboration leads to a second, often final draft - which is then advanced to the printing stage.


With the design signed-off, we prep the completed layouts for final production. Following a painstaking process of printing, the pages are  carefully hand-stitched. The order is then shipped back to us for checks and ultimately to the client. A personal handover acts as an excuse to meet for a coffee..!


The philosophy behind everything supplied is choice.. The entire service exists to be tailor-made to exacting specifications. 

If you have already chosen option B or C when you commissioned your wedding photography, then you have already paid for the basic spec of book, which is as follows :

- fine art paper in A3 - 60 pages standard (stand alone purchase price £850.00)

- hardwood presentation box - available in light or dark finish - £65.00

In many cases clients opt to expand the pagination, this can be done at a cost of:

- £15.00 per spread (2 pages to a spread), expandable in single spread increments (maximum overall book size is 100 pages)

 (11"x11" square fine art books are also available to the same overall print spec, please ask for specific prices