The following information should cover the most frequently raised points which are relevant to the photographic commission agreed:

Cost and deposit

In the event of a wedding commission, a non-refundable deposit of 20% will be invoiced when the booking is made. Upon receipt of the deposit your booking is secure. The details displayed on the deposit invoice will form our agreed contract and settlement will act as your acceptance of this agreement. You need not pay anything further until you receive the balance invoice which will be sent to you one month before the wedding day.


In the event of your cancellation of a wedding commission within 90 days of the specified wedding date, the full balance will be due. 

In the event of cancellation of any commercial commission within 30 days of the agreed work date, the full balance for the coverage agreed will be due.

Editing and presentation of final selections

The turnaround time of the final selection is approximately 21 days, usually sooner. The photography will be uploaded to a secure, password-password folder in Dropbox with no hosting responsibility or cost to yourself. This online facility allows viewing and downloading via desktop and/or smartphone. These images will remain online for at least one year.

All your photography will be originated in a high resolution, 35mm digital format. Typically the files will be up to 60MB in size at 300dpi, which in print terms is approx A3. Following the completion of the editing process you will receive the high resolution set in jpeg format to keep. Using the internet for this purpose is also the perfect way for others to view the photography and have access to individual photo file numbers which may prove useful for future purposes such as print orders.

Digital manipulation

The final set is presented as a curated and colour balanced final selection. Any photography not included to optionally available for you to view in an unedited state. If upon viewing the unused images you wish to select any to be added to the main selection, up to 15 files will be colour balanced and prepared in line with the spec of the main set free of charge.  Beyond these initial 15 files any further work is chargeable, subject to a quotation which will be provided in advance.


Under the terms of UK copyright law the ownership remains with the creator. However, this agreement grants you the unlimited private usage of all photography supplied. However, this agreement is not a licence for onward distribution to a third party with the intention of promoting a business, product or any other organisation.

Book production (weddings)

In the event of your supply including the design, printing and delivery of one of our book products, the procedure is as follows : once you have approved the content of your master set we will raise a draft layout of a book. This will be (in our opinion) the most effective way of displaying the images. However, as at all stages of our relationship with you, you have the final say and can change or alter the look, content and/or order of the photography. You will receive the draft layout in PDF format via our high res file transfer server on the internet which can be viewed most commonly via Adobe Acrobat Reader software. Acrobat Reader is usually bundled with most new PC and Mac computers, but can also be obtained via Adobe as a free download. Acrobat Reader will display the book a double page spread at a time. This means you will view the book on the screen as if it were open in front of you. Changes can be detailed to us via email, phone or a personal visit to the office.

While your own main book may be included in your price, reprints and different sized versions are also available and are commonly ordered as gifts to family, or purchased by family themselves. The agreed unit cost of your book(s) will be held for 6 months from the date of your wedding, thereafter an adjustment in price may apply according to market conditions. (We would respectfully request payment is made in advance on all book orders if not already included in the contract)

Personal data

Data collection: We collect and use the data communicated by You in such cases for performing the individual contract in question and to deal with your enquiries. Following complete performance of the specific contract Your Data will be deleted. At no time is personal information available or supplied to a third party or used for any research or marketing purposes.

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