Cool stuff : The Jaws Log...

I'm a movie bore. I like that my Bluray collection is stacked neatly and I've watched the 'making of' docs on disk 2 far more than the movie in itself. But more importantly, it is being a movie fan that led to me becoming a photographer.

Composition, direction, editing styles, presentation standards, etc., they are all sources of huge inspiration for me, plus they are elements which make up a typical working day.

I also embrace the fact they remind me of being a kid. It's a conduit to a happy, imaginative time - the rabbit hole back to the good ole days.

Apart from Star Wars, the film that made the biggest impression on me as a child of the 1970's, was Jaws. Without seeing these 120 minute chunks of imagination when I was an impressionable little lad, I have no idea what I'd be doing now.

So my latest 'cool stuff' suggestion is The Jaws Log, a riveting chronicle of the film which basically invented the summer blockbuster phenomenon. Written by the movie's co-writer, Carl Gottlieb, it's not only a fascinating look at this particular movie (and it's quite a tale, trust me), but also a wonderful insight into how a story travels from novel to screen.  A truly enlightening read. 

And if you're of an enquiring mind, check out Jamie Benning's brilliant Filmumentaries collection, including Jaws - yet more 'cool stuff'. 

Obtaining stills from High Res video... The future? (video)

"If the production crew on movie or advertising shoot can record footage and then go back later and extract a publishable, high-end still frame from whichever section of the take they wish, then by and large the unit photographer's role will diminish considerably..."

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