Obtaining stills from High Res video... The future? (video)

"If the production crew on movie or advertising shoot can record footage and then go back later and extract a publishable, high-end still frame from whichever section of the take they wish, then by and large the unit photographer's role will diminish considerably..."

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From the archive... #19

Kids at a wedding: honest, unpredictable and always great value for a photographer.

This little fella was getting itchy pants awaiting the bride and simply wouldn't keep still. I hesitate to use the word 'stalk', but I did track him around the church in a weird game of 43 year old cat and 4 year old mouse. The old cat won...

This image is also a perfect example of where monochrome really brings more to a shot than colour. A bright background and low-light foreground emphasise contrast, and in this situation colour would soften the effect and lessen the moment.