From The Archive... #29

Some fun and a little expectation. Even though this is a simple, quiet shot, there is a lot going on here...

The increasing popularity of the wedding reception photo booth creates many zany and oddball opportunities for shots. When such a facility is present I tend to skulk quietly in the shadows, recording some of the fun and games. By this time of the evening people think of me as part of the day's furniture and I'm thankfully ignored - which is perfect.

I really like the expectation the pointed finger creates as the lady in question urges the last photo to appear. Her gesticulation suggests the final shot is maybe a sight to see and possibly the one in which they 'went for it' ... we'll never know.

From the archive... #20

If you live long enough, you see everything... women wearing canapés! Yum?

This shot was taken at a recent commission at One Marylebone where my role was to shoot a pretty lavish birthday party. The design and planning of the evening was undertaken by the terrific Cranberry Blue Wedding & Events

I'm hoping to write a little piece about the detail and superb look of the main dining room itself, but in the meantime imagine the welcome drinks being livened-up by pretty girls displaying nibbles about their person, in this case via a two-tier 'neck brace'.

If that isn't a thought to keep you warm during a cold weekend, then nothing is...