From the archive... #5

his shot has always been a personal favourite and brings back so many memories. Not just of the shoot, but of a previous career path and also of a time when working as a photographer was very different.

I'm going to write a post soon about the way working as a pro has been transformed y technology, so don't want to touch on that too heavily here, but this photograph feels like something from a bygone era. And it was only 1997! 

Not to dwell, but this is a colour transparency - remember those? That funny age when a hinged back opened up on a camera and you had these little cassette things(?) Weird. However, interestingly, it made you think more because of the limited frames on a roll. Plus there was no instant checking on an LCD, we never needed it. When a picture is right you just know.

The setting is Macau, southern China, and the event is a season-ending weekend everybody is motorsport loves : the Macau Grand Prix. Here motor sport fans are enjoying some late afternoon track action from a lofty grandstand viewpoint.

Your eye is first drawn the spectacular sky, very typical for Asia at that time of year. But as you look closer you see various different sub-scenes : a father and son, a guy with his binoculars, wo people leaving, and a few other random little mannerisms.

The photograph is simple, easily composed and for sure a moment in time. All those things timeless photography should be...