From the archive... #7

I have always really like this moment. Unless you force children to pose, something at which they aren't any good at, you know shots displaying kids are completely honest. 

Here we have some rather late bridesmaids! The bride and her father were already on the landing waiting nervously to enter the ceremony, but the girls had been faffing about in the gardens and lost track of time. All quiet amusing. 

What I love is the body language of each - something only a still photograph can show. The little girl leading the way is clearly in a hurry. To emphasise this point you can see she's almost dragging her younger sister behind her. Lastly, we have the eldest of the three who is more concerned with her dress on the stairs.  Three totally different concerns.

The moment was there... and then gone again, made even stronger as nobody is looking into the lens. It preserves the genuine rush and mild panic, yet it still slightly playful.

Thirty seconds later it was all OK...