Merry, merry Christmas!

So, in my book, confetti is like snow. And I'm afraid that's my segue into wishing everybody a Merry Christmas... Hence this quiet, little shot of a guest about to unleash the confetti (snowflakes!) on a happy couple - a personal fave from the year.

During 2015, among other adventures, I've used a borrowed torch to light some group shots, helped a couple drag luggage around Paris during an engagement shoot (no, I don't either), sat next to a wedding car driver reading google maps for him (the couple chattering away behind us), because he didn't know how to get across London - and become irate with a Chinese cab driver in Sydney who wanted to charge me double. Grrrr.

Regardless, I wish the very best Christmas to all my clients, colleagues and friends, together with anybody who's crossed my path this year, even the numerous grumpy clerics. Well, it takes all sorts...