Kristen & Jatin, Wedding photography at The St Pancras Renaissance

This a great story... I'd been in Berlin for a few days and while checking-in for the flight home my iPhone pings. It's an email from a girl called Kristen who wants me to shoot her wedding, but she doesn't have a date or a venue. Different.

After a few chats and meetings together with Kristen's fiancé, Jatin, it all came together as a wonderful day at The Renaissance Hotel St Pancras

Terrific attention to detail, as always, from Georgina Bentley-Leek and her crew at the hotel ensured a flowing day full of great characters and fun. I'm so pleased to be an official supplier at the hotel, next shoot is Christmas week. Roll on December.

As usual, here is a snippet from the selection. Click any thumbnail to enlarge... 


From the archive... #8

This is probably best filed under 'if you can't beat 'em, join 'em'.  They say photography is all about capturing the moment - and this was about capturing somebody else's.

Smartphones. I couldn't live without mine, and they just get people shooting more pics, which makes them brilliant in my book. To the many photographers who moan about wedding guests whipping them out at every opportunity, I say: get over it.

I really think this shots sums up the fun side of a wedding reception. When a few friends get together and smile for somebody else, it's a shot. But this example came at the end of the day and my work was almost done after a terrific shoot at The Renaissance Hotel, St Pancras. With this in mind it was just nice to get into the huddle and create something a little different..